Client Connection to database.

  • Our Desktop and Web clients use HTTP\HTTPS internet protocols for access the cloud application.
  • The Servers on cloud side allow only the HTTPS connection and HTTP use only for redirection to HTTPS.
  • As SSL certificate provider for HTTPS connection we use Sectigo Limited.

Data Center locations:

  • Our Servers are placed in professional Data Centers.
  • We are using 2 Data Centers: UAE and Europe (Germany).
  • All Data Centers are certificated as ISO/IEC 27001 and have a security system such as:
    • Access control.
    • CCTV.
    • Power redundancy.
    • Internet connection redundancy.
    • DDoS protection.

Backup system:

  • We do backups 4 times a day ( incrementally ) and store backup data as old as 14 days back.
  • We keep our backups in 2 GEO locations ( by 2 independent backup systems ) – one is in the same Data Center; second one is in another Data Center.
  • Access to backups is available only to a Senior Admins of Cloud Service.
  • All backups are encrypted.

Monitoring System:

For proper understanding of service layer we do real-time collection of following information:

  • Servers Resources Monitoring.
  • Clients access logs.
  • Application performance logs.

In case of some unusual behavior our support team will be immediately informed.

Disaster Recovery:

  • Our Cloud Service has a recovery plan that allows us to fully recover the Cloud Service not more than in 8 hours after the disaster happened.

Infrastructure Access and Maintenance

  • All works related to maintaining your database\application are done by our employees.
  • All our employees are well trusted and sign individual NDA.
  • We have strict process of granting access to our servers to any of our employees, so only authorized personnel have an access to the Cloud Service.
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