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Using this form, you can add a new warehouse master record.

On this form, there are two required fields: Description and Entity.

The "Warehouse (create)" form

If the new warehouse is a structural unit of a larger warehouse, in the Parent field, select the larger warehouse or create a record for it.

<Auto> in the Code field indicates that the system will assign a unique identifier to the new warehouse once you save the record.

Make sure that the Entity filed is populated with the the entity which owns the warehouse.

In the Description field, provide a brief description for the warehouse – this description will be displayed on the system interface and will designate the warehouse in drop-down lists.

The Type field is populated with the default type of warehouses, Warehouse. If needed, you can select one of the following types: Retail or Department.

The Separate Warehouse and Financial Documents option is available for the warehouse if the Separate Warehouse and Financial Documents option is selected on the Administration > Settings > Purchasing and Warehouses form.

If selected, this option indicates that in this warehouse for registering the goods movements, the following document must be used:

  • Goods Receipt Notes: To register the goods received to the warehouse as a result of purchases, customer returns, inventory transfers, and stocktaking.
  • Goods Dispatch Notes: To register the goods issued from the warehouse as a result of sales, returns to suppliers, inventory transfers, and stocktaking.

In the Responsible field, you can specify an employee who is responsible for inventory stored in this warehouse.

The toolbar buttons

Click the Save button to save the new warehouse or the Save and close button to save the warehouse and close the form.

Available links

You can use the Bin Locations link (above the toolbar) to view or define a hierarchy structure of bin locations for the warehouse. Before you click the link, make sure that you saved any changes to the warehouse. For details, refer to Warehouse Bin Locations.

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