On the Employees (create) form, some fields appear only if the Enable the HR and Payroll module option is selected on the Administration > Settings > HR and Payroll Module form. 

There are two required fields: Individual and Full Name. 

The "Employees (create)" form. 

If the employee is included in a specific group, select this group in the Folder field. Also, you can create a new group in which this employee is a member.

<Auto> in the Code field indicates that the system will assign a unique code to the new employee record once you save it. As this code may be used as the employee ID in the application as well in paper documents, you can edit it if needed. 

Use the Employment Type toggle to select the employment type:

  • Main Work Place: To indicate that this employee works only for this company.
  • Additional Work Place: To indicate that this employee works not only for this company.

Optionally, select the individual in the Individual field from the list of individuals. However, if you do not specify the individual, the system will create the individual for the employee automatically on saving the record, using the name, birth date, and gender of the employee. 

In the Full Name field, type the first, last, and middle names of the employee. 

Optionally, in the Gender field specify the employee's gender and in the Birth Date field the employee's birth date. 

Also, select or create a bank account for this employee. To create a bank account for the employee, click the leftmost button ( ) in the Bank Account field, then click . To add multiple bank accounts, click the Bank Accounts hyperlink (on the toolbar). 

In the Labor ID field, enter the a work permit number (up to 14 characters) issued to this employee; generally, this number serves as the employee identifier in the WPS (Wages Protection System) system.

The Include in WPS File option is available if the Use WPS option is selected on the Administration > Settings > HR & Payroll form. After that, the company will be able to deposit this employee's salaries or wages to the employee's bank account via the WPS system. 

Current Employment Details

The fields in this section show the employment details according to the Employment Contract once the contract has been posted.

The Employment Date field shows the date of the employement start.

The Department field shows the department to which the employee is hired.

The Position field indicates the position of the employee.

The Contract Type field shows the type of employment contract.

Toolbar buttons

Click the Save button to save the new record or the Save and close button to save the record and close the form. 

Click the Edit GL Accounts button to open the list of default GL accounts that will be used for transactions on behalf of this employee. Note, that you will be prompted to first save the employee record.

For details on editing the accounts, see Adding an Employee. GL Accounts

Available links

Also, the toolbar includes the following hyperlinks: 

  • Main: To access the form where the main information about employee is available.
  • Employee GL Accounts: To access and edit the list of GL accounts that will be used by default for transactions related to the employee.
  • Accruals and Deductions Plan: To view the accruals and deductions planned for using for the employee.
  • Bank Accounts: To view the list of bank accounts associated with the employee.
  • History: To view all the employment contracts and contract changes associated with this employee.

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