On the Entity (create) form, you can created an entity of your company (in addition to the default entity) if the Multi-Company Accounting option is selected on the Administration > Settings > HR and Payroll Module form.

The "Entity (create)" form. The Main parameters tab

Use the Description field to specify a brief name of the entity; this name will be displayed on the system interface and will identify the entity in drop-down lists.

<Auto> in the Code field indicates that the system will assign a unique ID to this entity, once the entity will be saved.

You can select whether the entity is a legal entity or an individual by using the Legal Entity or Individual radio buttons. If the entity is an Individual, you can select a person from the Individuals list or add a new one.

In the Full name field, you can provide the business (or legal) name of the entity; this name will appear in financial reports and print forms of documents. Also, provide the business name in Arabic language in the appropriate field.

In the Prefix field, you can specify a prefix for this entity; the system will use the prefixes appended to document numbers so that in lists you can easily separate documents of different entities.

In the Labor Card Number, enter the number on the work permit issued by the UAE authorities if the entity is represented by the individual.

Use the Work Days Calendar field to select a calendar that represents the entity's work calendar. For more information, refer to Work Day Calendars.

You can populate the Default Bank Account and Default Cash Account fields with the entity's accounts of the respective types, which are used more often than others. Alternatively, you can create new accounts (for this, you can use the  button.)

The toolbar buttons

Click the Save button to save the new entity or the Save and close button to save the entity and close the form.

Available links

You can use the following links (available on the form) to provide more information about the entity:

  • Addresses: To view all the addresses specified for the entity. 
  • Bank Accounts: To view a list of bank accounts available for the entity.
  • Responsible Persons: To view a list of responsible persons selected among the entity's employees.
  • Staffing Table: To view a staffing table with all positions and vacancies available in the entity.

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