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Data Center locations:

  • Our Servers are placed in professional Data Centers (collocation center).
  • We are using 3 different Data Centers: 2 are based in UAE, 1 is based in Germany.
  • All Data Centers are certificated as ISO/IEC 27001 and have a security system such as:
    • Access control
    • CCTV
    • Power redundancy
    • Internet connection redundancy
    • DDoS protection

Backup system:

  • We do backups 4 times a day (incrementally) and store backup data as old as 60 days back.
  • We keep our backups in 2 GEO locations – one is in the same Data Center; second one is in another Data Center.
  • Access to backups is available only to a Senior Admins of our Cloud Service.
  • All backups are encrypted.

Monitoring System:

  • We are using monitoring for general metrics to determine any performance issues and connectivity issues.

Disaster Recovery:

  • Our Cloud Service has a recovery plan that allows us to fully recover the Cloud Service not more than in 2 hours after the disaster happened.


  • For better performance and privacy, we are using our own hardware (in data center), which is not shared with any Data Center clients (such as Azure, AWS except dedicated hardware). This means that on a hardware level, we are fully isolated and only our Admin employees have access.


  • All works related to maintaining your database is done only by our employees. All our employees are well trusted and sign an individual NDA.
  • We have strict process of granting access to our servers to any of our employees, so only authorized personnel have an access to the Cloud Service.

Client Connection to database.

  • Client databases are available only through Secure HTTP connection (HTTPS).
  • We have an “A” result by SSLLabs for our clients’ connection.

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