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The "Opening Balances Entering" document is filled in when you start working with the system. For example, if there are some arrears to suppliers, financial resources on bank accounts or inventory on warehouse before the accounting start.

To access the "Opening Balances Entering" document, go to the "Accounting" section (see the figure below).

The schematic showing how to access the 'Opening Balances Entering' document

As the list is filled and for convenience of work, you can change its display settings. Click the "More" button in the document list right side toolbar and select "Configure list..." from the drop-down list. To learn more about the lists display settings, see par. Work with the item list.

You can create the "Opening Balances Entering" document based on the "Inventory Reconciliation", if you enter balances after the inventory conversion.

To view the result of a document accounting, click the Document’s Transactions Details button . You can view the report either from the list, or from each document by clicking the corresponding button in a form.

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