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To access the Warehouses master records, go to Warehouses > Master Data > Warehouses.

This master data contains information about the warehouses where the inventory is stored. 

Initially, there is a single default warehouse (Main Warehouse) that can be edited. You can add multiple warehouses if the Multiple Warehouses option is selected on the Administration > Settings > Purchasing and Warehouses form.

The Warehouses list

Each warehouse is listed with assigned code, type, the entity to which it belongs, and functional options. As the list is populated, you can change its display settings. Click More actions on the toolbar and select Configure list. For more information on the list settings, see Working with the item list

The toolbar buttons

To add a new warehouse, click the Create button on the toolbar. For details, refer to Adding a Warehouse. For description of other buttons, refer to List toolbar.

To view or edit an existing warehouse, double-click the line with the warehouse in the list.

If you, as the user, work with specific warehouse more often than with other warehouses, you can set this warehouse as the default one for your user account. For this, select the warehouse in the list and click the Set As a Default Warehouse button. After that, the default warehouse will be shown in bold font in the list, and the system will use it by default in the your documents. Alternatively, you can set the default warehouse by using the Personal settings form.

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