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The functionality of the Warehouses module is configurable; you can select the options that fit your business processes on the Administration > Settings > Purchasing and Warehouses form. For details, refer to Settings: Purchasing and Warehouses.

Using this module, you can create and maintain master records for items, warehouses, define structure of each warehouse down to bin locations.

The module helps you track any inventory items with all their varieties defined by characteristics, batches, serial numbers and automates restocking. With the documents available in the Warehouses module you can effectively register the key processes in warehouses: receiving, issuing, transferring, and stocktaking.
As the result, the module can provide accurate, real-time data on inventory stocked in warehouses which helps minimize manual operations and ensures proper fulfillment of customers orders.

Using multiple reports, you can easily monitor any inventory movements including transfers of items between warehouses or transfers of consignment stock.

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