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To add a department, press the ‘Create’ button on the toolbar of the respective catalog. To edit the existing one, double click the line with its name. You can also select the line, press the ‘More’ button (in the upper right corner) and click ‘Edit’ in the drop-down list.

In the create form, only the Description field is required. Description will be displayed in the system interface, in the drop-down lists, and in the documents print forms.

In the Type field you should leave Department. To learn how to create Warehouse, see par. Warehouses.

Departments (create) form

The catalog has a hierarchy structure. To form a dependency, select the parent department in the Parent field (to open the catalog to select from, click the “Show all’ hyperlink in the drop-down list). If the parent department has not yet been added, first save the current department (press the ‘Save’ button) and then create the parent by pressing the  button in the same drop-down list or by clicking the ‘Create’ button in the displayed window of the Departments catalog.

 After completing the form, press ‘Save and close’ or ‘Save’ to save the applied changes. When saving a new item, the system will assign it a unique code that can be edited.

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