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You can use FirstBIT ERP system for accounting in different units of measure. By default the system calculates weight in kilograms, length in meters and time in hours but all these units of measure can be changed. To edit the units of measure, enable the ‘Item accounting in different units of measure’ option in the ‘Purchases’ section. To learn more about the section settings, see par. Settings for the 'Purchases' section. Then add the required units of measure in the UOM Classifier.

To access the UOM Classifier, go to the ‘Purchasing’ section (see figure below).

The schematic showing how to access the ‘UOM Classifier’ section

The most frequently used units of measure are preset in the system. The easiest way to add units of measure is through the classifier integrated in the UOM Classifier. The classifier contains all known units of measure and their common abbreviations. To access it, press the Command Pick from classifier button on the toolbar above the list. In the displayed window (see figure below) check the units that you would like to add. Then press the ‘OK’ button.

The classifier units of measure selection window

As the list is filled and for convenience of work, you can change its display settings. Press the ‘More’ button in the catalog right side toolbar and select ‘Configure list...’ from the drop-down list. To learn more about the lists display settings, see par. Work with the item list.

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