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You can configure item lists in the application to make them suit your needs. You can specify custom filters, set the sorting and grouping order of a list. To configure a list, click the More button on the application toolbar and then select Configure list.

To filter data by the specified criteria, go to the Filter tab in the settings window, choose a selection field from the list in the left part of the window, and then specify the type of comparison and the selection value in the right side. To apply these settings to the selection, click the Finish editing button. The list of documents will be generated according to the set filter.

Filter setting form

To set the sorting order, go to the Order tab. From the available fields in the left part of the window select the fields to sort, and in the right side specify the sort direction: Ascending or Descending. If several simultaneously included sorts are enabled, the application executes them sequentially.

Order setting form

To set the grouping order, go to the Grouping tab. Select fields for grouping in the left side of the window.

Grouping setting form

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